AVA Advisor

Revolutionary Robo-advisor for Stock Investor

AVA Advisor

AVA Advisor is an investment Robo-Advisor with Artificial Intelligence technology to help investors increase their investment return with the ease of use. Users will receive an advice from AVA robot and trades through AVA platform and then AVA Advisor sends orders to Prime brokerage partner.

Key Features

AVA Advisor is an introductory broker established in Hong Kong. Foreign investor can open account via e-KYC inside AVA platform by using passport and camera for identification and verification. This process can be done within 10 mins. Foreign investor then deposits money using money transfer, credit card, blockchain remittance.

Open account in 10 minutes
using KYC

Realtime money deposit
using Blockchain

Intelligent investment
using AI Robo-advisor

Thailand B2B Market Share


Before AVA

14 FEB 2017


After AVA


We are the 1st market share in mobile robo-advisory platform in Thailand.

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