Cookie Policy

Last Revised: 7 August 2018

This website, as well as third-party websites that we link to, may use cookies, web beacons, mobile ad identifiers, and similar technologies to aid us in administering the website and to aid users in navigating and making use of the website. Among other purposes, cookies and similar technologies allow websites to understand the ways in which users are using the website in order to improve the services provided and users’ total experience using the website, and to determine and/or improve the advertising shown to our users.

Cookies are small files that are placed on users’ computers when they visit a website unless the user sets his or her browser setting to block them. Cookies may be used to store a unique identification number tied to a user’s computer or device in order to recognize the same user across multiple sessions on the same website, or sessions on more than one website.

Some common applications of cookies are to help website owners understand which parts of a website are most popular, visited the most often, or visited for the longest amount of time. Cookies can also provide usage information that helps the website owner to improve user experience.

Contributors must be made aware of certain risk factors, as set out in Section 5 (Risk Factors).

This website and third-party websites that we link to may use cookies and other tracking technologies to facilitate serving relevant ads to our users. For example, cookies can help websites determine whether users have seen a particular advertisement before in order to avoid showing users duplicate advertisements.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but can be configured not to do so or to notify the user when a cookie is being sent. The browser help menu or settings menu should permit users to disable the usage of cookies. Disabling cookies may interfere with some aspects of this website and may alter user experience.

Due to differences between using apps and websites on mobile devices, users may need to take additional steps to disable tracking technologies in mobile apps. Many mobile devices allow users to opt-out of targeted advertising for mobile apps using the settings within the mobile app or mobile device. For more information, users should check their mobile settings. They also may uninstall our apps using the standard uninstall process available on the mobile device or app marketplace.

Cookies may also be set by third-party websites. These “third-party cookies” may, for example, originate from websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media services that function together with a website as a “plug-in.” Additionally, this website may contain links to other websites with differing privacy and cookie policies from ours. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites, and users should pay close attention to the privacy policy pages of every new site they visit.

This website and third-party websites may also make use technologies called beacons, or “pixels.” This technology can be embedded in online content, including emails, and can allow a server to read certain types of information from user devices and track when users have visited a webpage, viewed online content, and made other use of a website.

This website and third-party websites that we link to may make use of local shared objects, sometimes referred to as “Flash cookies,” and HTML5 local storage. Flash cookies and HTML5 local storage are similar to other cookies, as they store information on user devices to administer and optimize those users’ use of the website in the future, but these technologies use different parts of user devices and cannot always be controlled or blocked using the same browser settings as other cookies. For HTML5 local storage, the method for disabling HTML5 will vary depending on the browser used. Information about disabling Flash cookies or deleting information contained in Flash cookies can be found here .